Marek Prorok


How may I assist you

I am here and now – more than ten years in RPIC-ViP company! You will get in touch with me if you want to develop company culture in your organisation. As part of a colourful team along with my colleagues we create educational and development programmes (POWERFUL WORKPLACE) and we join strategic partnerships (BusinessCon), because we believe that “alone we are smart but together we are brilliant”. Changing a company culture is similar to buying a new suit. Firstly I will help you define the good result (SOFTSKILLERS, POWERFUL WORKPLACE Assessment), then we will sew: that is to coach, educate or define the processes, and in the end we will re-measure again, to check the quality of the result.

What makes me satisfied in my work

First months after I joined RPIC-ViP I felt that I was rather visiting a spa, not a workplace, despite the culture of high productivity! The company culture was so inspiring and motivating, that we were achieving difficult goals without even realising that we work so hard. I have read lot of professional literature and went through thousands hours of interactive trainings, workshops and coaching since then. Now I am happy I can pass the experience to other companies.

What I am proud of

We have delivered more than one hundred of POWERFUL WORKPLACE Assessments in cooperation with our partners (TREXIMA). I myself was managing about 30 of the projects alone. I am very happy that those 15 easy question can start very deep discussion and change in teams and organisations. Furthermore, all those positive changes are measurable, not only with our survey, but also with hard index of effectiveness, productivity or financial results.